August 15, 2023

Last Day to Vote for Jude's Nursery

Lucky for you, this will be the last time I'm begging for votes for Jude's Whimsical Nursery.
August 15th (today!) marks the end of the Blueprint Baby Challenge, which was a wonderful experience for me and my family. We're enjoying the room, and getting Jude used to sleeping in his crib, a task that seems to be working well so far (yay for the 6 hour stretch he did in it last night!).
So if you're feeling generous today, or want a chance at winning the randomly-drawn $500 prize at the end for voters, VOTE FOR KATHLEEN'S NURSERY.  Even if you've voted already, you can do it again since it's a daily entry.
Thanks so much for your support, excitement and encouragement throughout this whole challenge!


  1. Done. Good luck! Your nursery is amazing!

  2. I didn't realize that there was a voter prize! LOL I've been voting since the beginning, and had no clue O.o

    Anyway, good luck Kathleen!! My fingers are crossed for you xD

  3. I know isn't it funny that we were all expecting boys and having c-sections? How ironic is that? This was really fun :) Your little guy is adorable and I hope you are recovering well. It's hard to believe my son will be arriving in just 10 days! Can't wait for the winner announcement, good luck!



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