August 8, 2023

One Month

It's hard for me to believe that Jude is one month old already. 
While the past few weeks have had their rough spots, I can say that I've enjoyed Jude's first month more than I expected.  In comparison to Soren's first month, I think I've shed fewer tears and flashed more smiles.

In general, he's a good baby, and a champion sleeper, at least when we can transition him to sleep.  Sometimes that's the hard part, when we can tell he's tired (yawning, pulling at his face, staring) but often he just won't settle, unless at the breast.  But we're all learning...
Somehow Chris and I have managed to keep up with the household, including the laundry, which has been about every other day.  Jude's a spitter-upper, so lots of things get milked-on, and I know from past experience that often it becomes moldy and stinky if left to fester.  But the house is fairly tidy, save for the floors (our vacuum broke recently).  Who's ever heard of a clean house with a newborn anyway?
I can't help but love looking at and cuddling this little guy.  He's certainly restored my faith in myself as a mother, especially for how tumultuous Soren's infancy was.  With Soren, I was pretty miserable, fumbling around, trying to get a footing on this whole baby thing.  I often felt like I was not cut out to be a mother, and that there was something wrong with me for not really enjoying parenthood.  I still sometimes feel inadequate as a mom to such an energetic, spirited little boy.
However, Jude has made me realize that maybe my experience with Soren was just, well, different.  I think S and I are often two puzzle pieces that just don't fit together, and his extroverted personality is so full-blast compared to my quiet, introvertedness.  Not that I know Jude's personality yet, but he's definitely a calmer baby, and I'm a more experienced, relaxed parent.
Thankfully, we've made it through month one, and hopefully month two will bring a little more sleep for Mama!


  1. Weird how they can be totally different from their siblings, huh? For some reason I expected my 2nd to be just like his brother, but he truly is his own person with his own personality. And for me time has flown by much faster than the 1st time around! Mine is 5 months old already. I'm worried I'll blink and he'll be one!

  2. A month already??? Wow!!

    I'm glad he is settling down a bit for you. It sounds like you have a good handle on things with two! :)

  3. What a beautiful, adorable little sweet pea xD

    I'm glad to hear you're still functioning (mostly), and things are hanging in around your parts!

  4. I know Im super late, but i wanted to congratulate you on your beautiful new baby boy! I took some time off from blogs to enjoy my baby, and the months have flown by. Try to remember this time, pretty soon he will be crawling and then things will really get interesting lol!

  5. So, I didn't even realize that Darren and Jude share a birthday :) By the way-- LOVE the nursery!!


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