September 8, 2023

Doe a Deer

Jude loves this song. Soren doesn't!  And he sure lets me know it (though not in this video).  Sorry, it's a bit dark, as it was an early, rainy morning.
What did you sing to your babies?  I'm running out of ideas, mostly since my brain is still so fried from the raggedy sleep at night.

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  1. Cute cute cute! I love seeing Jude's reactions.
    I want to find a special song for me to sing to this baby (I'll tell you his name in an email sometime), and keep the special lullabies I sang to Kidoodle for him. I have tried Billy Joel's "Lullaby," but I might switch to "Piano Man" because it's such an awesome song. We sing a lot of Primary songs (written for the children at our church) and some old folk songs, like a Welsh tune: "Sleep, my child; let peace attend thee all through the night." I'll let you know if/when I come up with more goodies for this time around.


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