September 7, 2023

First Day

Soren started preschool yesterday, which I think went pretty well.

And so begin the years of pulling teeth to get any information out of him regarding school.  :)  He did leave happy and eager to return, but couldn't remember many details of the day, other than the "clean up" song, snack time, and playing with toys.
In fact, he made a beeline for the toys immediately after we go there.  The photo above says it all: "why are you still here, mommy? I'm busy playing!"

My morning was nice, having some quieter time to spend with Jude and to prepare a nice lunch.  Jude wasn't up for napping unless he was held, unfortunately, but we managed.
I'm off to find a backpack today (who knew half-day preschoolers needed them?), but we're all looking forward to another fun day at school tomorrow.  Did your kiddos start back yesterday?


  1. I had to get my preschooler a larger backpack. I thought the junior one he has for Sunday school would work. JDaniel's teacher said she would have to fold all of this work in half if we didn't get a bigger backpack.

    I would love for you to link this post to my Back to School Traditions link up!

  2. My son starts preschool tomorrow. He's excited to play with the toys!

  3. DS1 started school in August...I guess schools in Hawaii start a lot earlier...

    DS2 can't wait to go to preschool!

  4. He looks so grown up! Aww! It will be nice for you to spend some time with Jude in the mornings.

  5. Wow, Preschool already!? Time sure does fly by :)

    He looks pretty happy to be there though! Especially with those toys. LOL

  6. Kidoodle loves singing the clean up song during church play group!


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