September 22, 2023

Mama Muscles

Aches, creaks, kinks and crinks.  Babies and kids are really taking a toll on my already-tired body.

From nursing in weird positions so I can play cars with my 3 year old (or fend off his kamikaze dive-bombs while feeding the baby) to carrying Jude in the sling along with these 25lb. milk-filled boobs, I'm plum worn out.
I'm definitely in need of a hot shower here
It's my own fault, really.  Despite having a comfy, back-supporting nursing pillow, I still find myself hunching or scooching around in positions that favor the baby, but not mama.  There are muscles that I didn't even know existed that are screaming for a massage.

Though the sling is really comfy most days, Jude is gaining weight by the hour, it seems, so my back sometimes tires a lot sooner now.  He is so darned cute in there, and quite snuggly.
Don't ask me what's going on with my hand in that photo.  Must be another twitchy mama-muscle thing.

I just can't motivate myself to get into a yoga routine, despite Mr. Geek's daily hour of it each morning.  I should join in, however 4:45am is just wayyyyyy too early, especially after a night of interrupted sleep.

However, Advil is always available, 24/7.  The path of least resistance always works for me and my lazy self.  How about you?


  1. I hear you on the sore muscles! I have RA so I had to give up the sling already with my sweet boy :( BUT! I can use the front snuggly backpack and he is LOVING it! He just looks around and around and I'm not nearly as sore from it. Hopefully you'll be getting some relief soon and if not, it'll still be ok because one day he'll be too big too carry and you'll be so glad you had the sore muscles :) (at least that's what I keep telling myself as I take steaming hot showers and beg my hubby for massages!)

  2. I used to hunch over while nursing's a killer position! I hope you're able to find some relief soon!

  3. Aw man, it DEFINITELY sounds like you're in need of a nice, long massage! O.o

    I can't imagine the punishment your body must be taking daily-Hopefully you find some relief soon!

    Regardless of what people think, you do what you got to do, and if that means taking Advil daily, you do it!!

    He is such a little cutie though xD

  4. Lazy? Easy way out??? Girl, you gotta give yourself a break!!! You take those Advil when you need them, your back pain is your body's way of telling you to slow down a bit. You just had a baby, are not getting any rest, you are providing him ALL of his sustenance and needs; and the needs of another child!!! Wow, Advil is nothing Superwoman. We tend to forget how difficult those times can be...

  5. So funny that half an hour ago I began contemplating a blog post about my inability to use my sling as a full time attachment parent. It just hurts too much!
    My sister in law posted a link (here: to an article (here: about breastfeeding in more comfortable (semi-reclined) positions. Like ALL breastfeeding articles, I feel some resistance, guilt, and freedom in reading it. I decided to give semi-reclined nursing a shot, and I've been loving it! Of course, most of the time I cannot lie back in a recliner to nurse my baby, letting Kidoodle run wild (or hit us with toys). Still, I'm trying to reclaim more natural postures and positions for myself while breastfeeding. (Hunched over my nursing baby, my nursing pillow, and my laptop--as I am at the moment--does not qualify!)
    Here's to massages!

  6. he's sooooooo cute!

    I can totally relate w/just about everything you wrote =)


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