September 13, 2023

May the Force Be with BuyStarWars

Being that I'm in my mid-30s, I can remember when I first saw a Star Wars movie in a theater---The Empire Strikes Back, specifically, with my uncle and my 4 brothers (what a ruckus!).  And since that day, I've been hooked on the epic series.

I'm eager for Soren and Jude to be as into Star Wars as I am, especially that we have a bunch of my brothers' old toys to spark both imaginary play and my own memories.
So to my surprise, I was excited to discover that there's actually a retailer called Buy Star Wars Costumes, that sells, well, you can figure it out.
Previously afraid of Darth Vader, Soren has now become quite enamored of him.  Blame his dad, who's always had a thing for villains.  When asked what he wanted to be for Halloween, he eagerly said "Darth Vader!"  I thought it might be kind of funny to knit a Yoda hat for Jude and some Princess Leia buns for myself, but that requires two free hands and time.

Anyway, Buy Star Wars Costumes sent us a Child Deluxe Darth Vader costume, and it's pretty cool!
Yeah, he does look a little like Rick Moranis in Spaceballs, but some of it is the angle of the photo.
S was so excited, I could hardly keep him still for the photos
The costume comes with the mask/helmet (a great addition to a dress up box in itself), outfit, cape, belt and these swanky gloves, which I'm coveting for myself.
We just need to add a red light saber and black shoes and we're set.

The costume did smell a bit plastic-y, but don't most Halloween costumes?  I simply hung it outside overnight, and it was fine.
Surprisingly, the helmet fit S really well, and it's hard to take it off of him, he likes it so much. I did draw the line when he kept pestering baby Jude with it though.

Star Wars Costumes has both kid and adult costumes, and even ones for pets!  I'm really digging this Deluxe Padme Amidala costume, since I totally have the boots for it (so typical for me, basing an outfit around a pair of shoes).
Buy Star Wars Costumes impressively has nearly every character costume, even Jabba the Hut.  You'd definitely be able to get away with packing away lots of candy in that costume.
Disclosure: I received a costume for review purposes.


  1. Ironically, I created a Padme costume for my older daughter a couple years ago by embellishing a white ninja costume. You can check it out here.

  2. He does look like he could be in Spaceballs!

  3. Honestly, I never really got into Star Wars-To this day, I've seen none of the movies O.o

    But that doesn't mean I don't know what it's about! And Soren definitely looks mighty fierce in that Darth Vader costume. LOL

    I bet he can't wait for Halloween to get here!!

  4. Have you seen the pics of Roo's Padme costume? Super cute! And Jasper is totally going to be Darth Vader. I wish we could have them trick or treat together, that would be hilarious…

  5. These pictures are so cute! I love it.

  6. Very cool! I'm dressing my one year old as Yoda, my step son (13) as darth vader and I'm going as princess leia. Ive still gotta find the darth and leia costumes though!


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