November 12, 2023

Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage Playset

This is no joke.  It seems like you give any inanimate object a personality, and suddenly Soren claims it as his new best friends.

This morning at the farmers' market, he saw these brussels sprouts.  After telling him that daddy likes them (mommy's not a big fan), he wanted to buy some for Chris, which I thought was so sweet.

When we got home, I unpacked our haul, including the sprouts and a large cabbage, which I said was the mommy or daddy to the sprouts.  What commenced was about 20 minutes of focused play, a rarity on a Saturday morning in our house.
He's also using the paper park that we made yesterday on a visit to my former place of employment, a local art museum, which recently reopened after a major renovation.
This just goes to show me that I never know where or when imagination will strike.
Hope your weekend is filled with unexpected finds too!


  1. That is so adorable! I actually am in the brussels sprout camp. Jasper does the same thing with pumpkins, which is just hilarious to watch.

  2. What a smart little cookie! I <3 my brussel sprouts xD

    It amazes me how kids have such vivid and active imaginations-Why can't adults be like that sometimes!?

    He's such a cutie :)

  3. This makes me smile! I love how kids will play with things OTHER than actual toys...that's awesome!

  4. I would love to play with them. Eating them is not my favorite thing.

  5. So creative, just like his Mama!! You have such a fun home !!!


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