November 23, 2023

First Meal

I've been in no hurry to start solid foods with my little JuJuBee.  However, at nearly 5 months old, Jude has been eagerly watching us when we eat, so it seemed as if he was ready to try some foods of his own.

Last night, I pumped some milk (ugh, I forgot how much I hate pumping) and mixed in a bit of rice cereal for his first meal.  And boy, did that kid go to town!
He eagerly lapped up that watery cereal and surprised me with how easily he was able to take it in.  When Soren first had rice cereal, it probably took no less than a week for him to manage to keep it in his mouth, rather than push it out with his tongue.
Soren's first taste of rice cereal, 2008
I was amazed that Jude seemed to understand the technique from the get-go.

In fact, he was really interested in the spoon, and was even holding it himself and putting it into his mouth.
Lest you think I'm bragging that my kid is somehow going to be a winner of a James Beard award, think again.  It's more that for once I feel like I made the right decision as a parent; I followed Jude's lead and readiness in starting foods.

I considered waiting a minimum of 6 months, but it just seemed like the right time.  How fitting, that our biggest dinner-day of the year in the US is tomorrow.  Not that he'll be dining on any of it though.

On that note, I wish my American readers a very warm and filling Thanksgiving!  (PS, I know that photo is kind of offensive. But Soren just loved that he made all that in school, though he does think it's a pilgrim outfit.)


  1. Jude looks so sweet! I have to admit a soft spot for the naughty looking boys like SoJo and Jasper, though...

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your precious family! :)


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