January 24, 2024

More Valentine's Fun with Contact Paper

So I've become somewhat addicted to the possibilities of contact paper.  From covering membership cards to decorating and crafting, it's one kitchen aisle supply I'll keep around in our art cabinet.

This weekend I continued with the Valentine's Day vibe, making an easy display for our front door.

Other than some remnant fabric from IKEA covering the glass, this door is no-frills.
We have a full-glass door, and a full-glass storm door too, so we get some decent light through that window.  It's nice to add some color to it without blocking the light, so contact paper and a few paper hearts worked well for adding some interest without compromising light.
As luck would have it, the roll of contact paper I had measured just an inch or so narrower than the window, which made for easy measuring.  I took a measurement for length, cut the paper to size, then peeled off the paper backing, leaving the sticky side up.
Using some pre-cut paper hearts (some doily-ones from the craft store and some that I cut myself from decorative papers), I laid them in a random pattern all over the sticky side of the contact paper.
This is another easy project for kids to do.  As long as they don't get carpet crumbs and hair onto the sticky surface (oops, that was me!).

In case you forgot those kindergarten heart-making skills, simply fold a piece of paper in half, then cut it out like this:
Once the hearts had been placed to my heart's desire,
I stuck the contact paper carefully to the window.  It's a little tricky, but best to start at the top and work your way down slowly, smoothing bubbles as you go along.
For a large window like mine, it helps to have a helper, but I was able to do it myself without much difficulty.  Thankfully contact paper is repositionable.

Here's the final result:
Bright and cheery, super-simple and cheap!
It certainly beats the standard wreath, and I love how it looks from the inside too.
There are so many possibilities with contact paper on windows.  Why not give it a try?


  1. aw, that looks so sweet!! love how the hearts shadow-through on the inside!

  2. That's so cute! We have a large leaded glass window in our front door. I may try this!

  3. oooh that's so cute. what a fun idea.

  4. LOVE it! We did something similar this fall, making contact paper leaves and putting them on a "tree" we made on the sliding glass door...I never thought to do hearts! I'd be thrilled if you'd share here:


  5. I found you on Tater Tots and Jello and I would love it if you would share this with our readers too for Fun Stuff Fridays! http://www.toysinthedryer.com/2012/02/14-days-of-valentines-fun-stuff-fridays_10.html


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