January 25, 2024

Winter's Late Arrival

Soren had a delightful weekend, reveling in a wintery playland when bestowed on us here in the Northeast. It's been an oddly mild winter, save for that freak Halloween snowstorm last year.
Saturday morning we woke to a few inches of snow, and a kid begging for me to take him out in it, nightgown and all.  Once I got dressed, we headed out.  Snow always makes me nostalgic for my childhood, especially when icy bits hang onto my gloves and my cheeks tingle with the cold.  I hope my boys grow up with the same fondness for snow days that I have, and not the disdain that their dad has for the coldest season.  So far, so good for Soren!
He LOVES snow, and we're lucky to have so many kids in our neighborhood to play with.
Naturally, he'd rather hit mama with a snow chunk than the other kids.  Watch the lens, kid!
Down the block is a church whose parking lot of snow is eventually harvested into one awesome sledding and climbing pile.
It's always fun to bring the fun inside too, for hands to defrost around a mug of cocoa.  Parents, I swear on this activity; S played off and on with the snow indoors for hours.
Just add little toys, and sit back with a cup of coffee and a magazine.  Your work is done for a little while.
I hope you're enjoying winter's pleasures wherever you may be.  Unless of course you're in the Southern Hemisphere.  Then I'd prefer not to hear about your warm, sunny days lounging on a beach. :)


  1. You are such a genius. The completely do-able activities you blog about are so inspiring...THANK you for this one!! We are *so* bringing snow inside!!

  2. It looks like he had a blast outside and in! Our is already gone {save a few dirty piles in the backyard}. If we get another round of snow, I'll definitely be bringing some inside before it gets stomped on.

  3. We haven't had enough snow yet to bring inside… the kids would probably love that, though...

  4. Oh, what a beautiful idea. Maybe I could manufacture some snow, since we haven't had any here. Lest you think I'm complaining, we have been enjoying sunny days at the park this week and opening all our windows to air out the apartment. It's that warm.

  5. What a genius idea to bring snow inside! We have that same little yellow truck ;)


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