February 23, 2024

Operation Gratitude with Macaroni Kid and Febreze

One of my favorite weekly kids' resources, Macaroni Kid, is partnering with Febreze to support the troops with Operation Gratitude.  Throughout this month, Febreze and Macaroni will be holding 15 events across the nation where military families, friends and supporters will pack up Febreze Set and Refresh air fresheners along with other items like candy, puzzles, socks, music and personal care items to send some cheer to servicemen and women.
The Febreze Set and Refresh system is a unique, innovative technology that slowly releases scented oils without plugs or batteries to provide odor elimination and noticeably long-lasting freshness.  I imagine that it's not all roses and cookies for military personnel in those barracks, latrines, and lockers, and the Set and Refresh is a small (literally!) way to make those spaces a bit more pleasant.

If you're able to, support and contribute to the Febreze and Macaroni Kid initiative this season.  You can find more info on Febreze's Facebook Page, and even make a virtual donation to the cause.
Disclosure: I received a sample box of items from Febreze that will be sent to the troops.  All opinions are my own.

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