March 6, 2024

Another Little Friend

Hey folks, I have some news.  This summer, I'm expecting a baby.

Hold on a minute, not the grown-in-my-belly-kind...I am going to be taking on another little one, our friends'/neighbors' little boy, who's a few months younger than Jude.  Am I crazy?  I'm not sure yet.  However I am both excited and nervous about the prospect, sort of in the way that I was when I was expecting Jude, not knowing if I could care for another gentle little soul in this house.

But I'm doing fine, in fact, I think things are going pretty well, now that boy #1 has calmed down significantly since the fall.  And with our new baby friend staying with us 3 days a week, I'm counting on Soren to continue in his role as mama's helper and chief diaper-bringer.

Like Jude, this little baby boy is very easy going and pleasant, and will hopefully enjoy his time in our home.  We're really fond of him and his family, so I'm anticipating a good working relationship too.  I imagine the two littlest boys will be fast friends--how fun would it be to have had a live-in playmate for Soren when he was young?  Maybe I'm naive, but for now I'm thinking positive thoughts.

Have you ever taken on the responsibility of another child in your home?  Was it a good experience or am I biting off more than I can swallow?  Any tips or tricks?


  1. That is so exciting...what a wonderful thing to do! I'm proud of you for opening your heart and home to a sweet little one!

  2. I couldn't do it but I think you will be amazing! You are so good at coming up with fun things for the boys to do.

  3. This sounded at first like you were adopting! My mom did daycare growing up and I figured I could do it two days a week for my friend's children. It's hard, and yet, at the end of the day it makes you really appreciate your kids (and how simple only having two is).

    Heading outside was always the best course of action for us. We could do scavenger hunts, bubbles, chalk, bikes, scooters, etc. and they'd be entertained for a long time while I wasn't constantly cleaning a mess!

  4. Oh man, you're quite the brave, brave woman taking on another little one!

    I wish I had some advice to give you, but all I can will you is lots (and lots) of energy :)

  5. Jude will love having another little one around.

  6. Hooray! I bet you'll do great. Sometimes having friends over to play with Kidoodle makes keeping him happy so much simpler. Kitten baby is certainly easier to entertain with more children around.

    I've never spent large amounts of time with someone else's kids. When I do watch my friends' children, I sometimes feel incredibly grateful for the mutual understanding I share with my kids, and that they already know my boundaries and rules. It takes time to develop that understanding with other children who are more energetic, brave, or sensitive than my own often obedient yet often stubborn boy. :) (Of course, you won't have to deal with rules and boundaries much with a baby!)


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