March 16, 2023


I'm resigned to the feeling that winter is officially over here in the Northeast.  Though I've yet to pack away the boots and snowsuit (truthfully, I'm concerned that I'll jinx this mild weather by doing so), our coat closet is slowly filling with sandals, sweatshirts and mud.

I like that our yard is often filled with kids (well, most days I like it) and that the sand table and wheeled toys are back in use.
Even Jude has been enjoying being around the big kids and the big toys.

We've also hit up the parks again; that smell of bark mulch and damp wood is irresistible.
And our beloved Phillies are back in action, at least in the Grapefruit League.
There's nothing quite like having the windows open at the end of Winter, with the sounds of children's play wafting through the curtains (and no lawnmowers yet!!!).  Spoiled? I think so.


  1. I've been so bummed that we were SO PREPARED this winter. Snow blower, boots for all of us, new shovels..down to the rock salt. But if we keep getting these 70 degree days I won't complain :)

  2. I love the instagram pics. :D

    Oh, I am so glad this morning bordered on cold, and that this afternoon is barely warm. Yesterday we played at the park. It was lovely. It felt hot. I'm not ready for summer.

  3. I, too, have been out enjoying the absolutely GORGEOUS weather we've been experiencing the past few days. And it's so nice to actually be ABLE to experience it :)


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