April 13, 2023

Crafting a Seaside Wreath with Factory Direct Craft

Summer is quickly approaching, as are daydreams of relaxing on the beach and smelling that sea air.  Naturally, my thoughts turn to changing out the spring decor in our home to accents that beckon warm weather.

 I love making my own decorations around my home, so I was excited to partner with Factory Direct Craft to create a project using their products.
I decided to make a Seaside Wreath with Sandpaper Flowers, something that will look equally lovely on my front door or inside the house when summer arrives.
Here's what you'll need:
10" Styrofoam Wreath | Spanish Moss | Hot Glue gun and glue sticks |Tacky Glue | Wide Ribbon or fabric | Seashells | Light Blue Raffia Ribbon | 3"x3" Mini Chalkboard | Scissors| Sandpaper (two colors/kinds for contrast) | Straight pins | clothesline rope or cord | Natural Palm Cone spirals | Paint Marker

First, I wrapped my Styrofoam wreath in wide ribbon, just to hide the white color.
Then I generously coated it with tacky glue to hold on the Spanish Moss.  Be sure to coat the inner and outer edges too.
I tucked the moss around the wreath form, making sure all areas were covered.
You could use a little hot glue too, if needed.
I tucked it in even tighter with my hands, pushing the moss onto the wreath form.
Once the wreath was moss covered, I started adding shells.  I laid them out how I wanted them to look, then used liberal amounts of hot glue to hold them in place.
The shells that I got from Factory Direct Craft were only $1.49 for a small basket, and came with some lovely colors and patterns.
Next, I created some flowers using sandpaper.  Simply cut a circle, fold it into quarters (like making a snowflake)
and trim the petals.  I made two flowers, one larger and one smaller out of two different colors of sandpaper.  I cut a little circle out of the first color, then stuck the layered pieces into the wreath with a straight pin.
I love how these turned out. They really make the wreath.
I also added some of the Palm Cone spirals under the flowers, kind of like tendrils coming out of them.
To add some more charm, I used one of the 3x3 mini chalkboards (which by the way, are so adorable. I see so many possibilities in these, like for labeling party food, etc. And they have a variety of sizes and shapes) and a white Paint Pen to write "Beach" on the board.
Then with some clothesline rope for a nautical look, I hot glued the rope to the back for hanging inside the wreath.
I then pinned the sign on the back of the wreath with two straight pins so it hung in the center.
To add some more color to the wreath, I added some blue raffia ribbon.
I cut two short lengths, knotted them, and pinned them to the wreath.
It's easy to hide the pin in the moss.  I think the blue complements the green and peachy colors, and the raffia adds a nice, contrasting texture to the shells and moss.
To finish it off, cut another length of clothesline rope and pin it to the back.  Looks messy, but it's functional!
Then hang anywhere you want to be reminded of the sea.
I also had a driftwood garland, that is no longer sold at Factory Direct Craft (I hope they might restock it), that looks charming strung above the wreath.
If I'm feeling brave, I might take the garland apart and make another simple driftwood wreath with it, or embellish a round mirror.
So pretty!  I'm ready to dip my toes in the sea.

I must say that I was really impressed with the quality, variety and prices at Factory DirectCraft.  I see many projects coming from their products in my future. I could easily lose a few hours browsing their website!  They also have a fabulous blog with some inspiring ideas.  Check it out, as well as their Twitter and Facebook pages.
Disclosure: I received sample product from Factory Direct Craft for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.


  1. What a beautiful wreath! I love all the different shells and flowers paired with the moss. Really pretty!

  2. I really, really love that...and wish I was that close to the beach right now! :)

  3. That makes me miss the ocean! I love the driftwood garland, too.

  4. If it's possible to be in love with an inanimate object, I do believe I'm there :)

    That's an incredible wreath! I think you did a magnificent job on it as well.

    I definitely wouldn't mind having something like that around here to remind me of the beach :)


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