April 10, 2023

Creatively Depressed

It's been a long month filled with sick kids, cold weather, and crankiness all around.  Some of it on my part is that I have had barely any time alone.  Often I chide myself, "Oh boo hoo Kathleen.  I know that alone time is a minor problem when there are parents with real issues like terminally ill children, divorce, foreclosure, etc."

However, it still bites, being so tied up in the role of caregiver all the time, even if it is rewarding and sometimes enjoyable.
I'm a naturally creative person, and after food, sleep, water, and air, I need to create.  I do get my fix through non-artistic creations, like cooking, gardening and coming up with activities for the kids, but it's just not enough.

I have so many daily chores and activites on my plate, and by evening, exhaustion takes over.  Even if I do muster up the energy to start a project, I end up making tons of mistakes due to fatigue and mental cloudiness.  Then of course there's the cleanup, since I can't very well leave my sewing machine or paints on the kitchen table for Soren to explore.
So if you see me out and about, please forgive my sullenness.  I'm not only tired, but creatively stifled and looking for a cure, hopefully in the form of a babysitter.


  1. Babe, I am right there with you. Sometimes, Mama just needs a BREAK!!

  2. I really do hope you can find some time for yourself where you can just enjoy being alone because no matter who you are, you NEED alone time!

    Definitely look into a sitter and maybe see if you can join a weekly or monthly creative group? I was a part of a knitting group a while back and truly loved it :)

  3. I hope you can get a break soon :( I remember the feeling well when my kids were little. I would so take them off your hands for a bit if I lived closer!

  4. what? You need adult conversation once in a while? What kind of mom are you?! ha. been there. Oh, wait- I still am right there with you.


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