April 24, 2023

Not Quite Psycho

Since we bought our 100+ year old house in 2006, we've spent time fixing things up--refinishing floors, painting, refurbishing the front door--yet looming over our heads the entire time were the bathrooms, particularly the upstairs one.
This space incites feelings not unlike the shower scene in Psycho;  of course, I'm exaggerating for affect, but really, it's hideous.  We should have known there was trouble when during our initial tour of the house, there was a throw rug tacked sloppily over the window.  I've since replaced it with sheers, but it's still ugly.
The bathroom is an odd space, with the toilet and shower in front of the window, partially blocked by a makeshift wall.  Ah, there's nothing like a butt crack peeking out a window to entice the neighbors to invite us over for a backyard barbeque (sorry for the visual).
I've tried my best to put lipstick on this pig by painting it (I still love that color, which sadly doesn't show up well in these photos), adding some artwork, and disposing of the dolphin shower curtain and hooks.  However, this space needs full overhaul.
Thankfully, we've finally saved up enough to have it completely gutted and renovated.  While we'd love to minimize our budget by doing it ourselves, the space is just too complicated and beyond our skill-set to do so.  It involves moving the plumbing, ripping out walls and the floor, wiring and tiling, all while minding two little ones.  We're just not of the Young House Love persuasion.
I cannot express how much relief I have, knowing I won't have to bathe the a  fore-mentioned little ones in this anymore:
I couldn't bear to even shoot a close up of that grout.  Yuck!  But I must share with you this odd overhead light that the previous owner rigged up. WTH???
Chris calls this house and specifically this room, the "house of a thousand moldings" because it seems like the prior owners were afraid of spackling.  If there was a seam, tack up some molding instead!

I feel so vulnerable and dirty, having shared this embarrassing space with you.  I also feel oddly relieved!

We've hired a contractor, who will start working on the room in May.  I've been enjoying planning how the space will look, from tiles to paint color.
My heart is set on a Peacock Blue, or something dramatic against all of that white subway tile we're having installed throughout the space.
One of my inspiration bathrooms
We're trying to return the room to its 1903 style, with a claw foot (resin) tub (with a standing shower above), a pedestal sink and period fixtures.  I've created a Pinterest board with some of my ideas and inspirations. 

I'm excited to share the progress of the space over the next month.  Any tips for surviving without a shower/bath for a few weeks?  I'm sure we'll be relying on our close friends neighbors quite a bit.


  1. How funny you should mention a claw foot tub because my mom and I were talking about one not 10 minutes ago! I LOVE the way they look and hope I'll be lucky enough to have one one day :)

    That is definitely quite the interesting bathroom; especially that lighting! I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it before. LOL

    I'm so happy that you're finally doing something you really want to do and having it renovated-I can't wait for the process either!

  2. I am super excited to see how this turns out.

  3. Oh, I love claw foot tubs! We had one in our bathroom when Mat and I first lived together, renting an old house with his brother and brother's girlfriend at the time.

    Can't wait to see how it all comes together. If we lived close, I'd happily offer up Mat's electrical skills for an excuse to get the kids together and hang out :D


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