April 17, 2023

Oil and Water

Despite having shared the same aquatic pre-birth home (aka, my womb), my boys are so different.  Soren is energetic, theatrical, particular, and impulsive, while Jude is laid-back, easy-going, and more observant and cautious.  Despite being like oil and water, there is one thing they have in common--well, water!
These boys can't get enough of baths, sprinklers, pools, sinks, and even cups of the stuff.  Jude's favorite "toy" is a cup of water. It's impossible to drink and hold him.

With a rare April day in the upper 80s, the boys were in heaven when I pulled out the turtle sandbox-turned wading pool yesterday.
Soren usually wants to strip down and bring every toy outside to put in the pool.  Jude on the other hand, just wants to slap the water, even if it keeps hitting him in the face.
I can't wait for summer and to see them both in the town pool.  Though I don't see myself relaxing poolside with these two water bugs.


  1. LOL! Definitely no relaxing poolside for you. You'll be watching them like a hawk ;) And totally jealous of the nice weather. We have had two or three really pretty days, but they were all windy. Even got above 70 one day! But the wind was cutting.

  2. What a genius idea on a nice Spring-feels-like-Summer day! It's nice to know your boys, despite their differences, can bond over something so....simple and easy. Lol


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