May 1, 2023

Currently Enjoying

So that risk from February in the garden paid off. We've been enjoying fresh greens and radishes for over a week now.
I made a fantastic spinach and pea soup for dinner tonight
Simple recipe: saute onion and garlic, add stock, a potato and boil. Then add a bag of frozen peas and any garden greens you have. Puree when the peas have just cooked.
and there are plans for salad, salad and more salad tomorrow.
We have quite a few volunteer tomatoes and cilantro plants coming up, as well as peas, carrots and arugula.  I'm hoping to get some peppers and larger tomato plants in the ground this weekend.  I can hardly believe it's garden-time!  I meant to get some photos, especially of the potato bin that Chris built.  Here's a pic from Easter Sunday to suffice.
It's an ugly thing, but apparently one can grow 100 lbs of potatoes in it.  Find the instructions here.

So how does YOUR garden grow?


  1. Wish all winters were this mild. My pansies came back!

  2. That's awesome! I'm glad the crazy weather hasn't harmed any of your plants! :)

    And I LOVE your new design! The header is ADORABLE!!!!

  3. I love the new header. And I'm jealous of your greens. I think I'm going to be much more into salad with my new diet. I think that a pot of oregano that overwintered on the patio due to sheer laziness is coming back.

  4. Yum! My lettuce and radishes are on the way, but still really tiny. I should have taken the plunge and planted a few when you did! Keith and I are quite inspired by the potato bin and since we haven't planted ours yet, we might just jump on it and try one ourselves. Nice work on the garden AND on the new design. You have my wheels turning...

  5. Unfortunately where we live isn't conducive for a garden, but I'm sure our imaginary garden grows just beautifully! Lol

    I must say I'm quite envious of you and your fresh veggies and greens-I'd LOVE to be able to grow my own one day :)


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