May 3, 2023

Simple Mother's Day Bouquet

We have our own little cottage industry/art studio here in the afternoons when our neighbor kids come over.  Since two of them are older than Soren, they make the perfect students for me to relive my art teacher days.

Within moments of opening the front door, they're asking about making a craft, which makes me smile, even if I don't always oblige, depending on the events of the day.

Yesterday I broke out the glass painting markers (great buy for under 7 bucks) and let them decorate some baby food jars, ahem, vases (pronounced with the highbrow short 'a').
I scrubbed the jars, then removed any sticker residue with Goo Gone.
Then it was a simple as letting the kids color the jars.  Soren did great writing the word "mother" as I spelled it out loud for him.
Once the paint was dry (in a few minutes), I wrapped the top of the jar with ribbon, then wire to make a hanging vase or May Day basket of sorts.  Then we headed outside to scavenge some flowers and greens from the backyard.
I think Soren's choice of a hosta leaf is perfect for a backdrop.  It's not something that I think of adding to my flower arrangements, but he's inspired me to do so.

I'll bet we'll be making more of these for all the special mothers in our life this coming Mother's Day.


  1. Aw, I'd love to be an art student of yours Kathleen-It sounds like you guys have so much fun :)

    Love the hanging Mother's day vase idea!


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