May 25, 2023

Soft and Fluffy, Warm and Cuddly

One of the best "toys" in the house are pillows.  They're great for tossing, jumping into and hiding under.
Though I often grumble about having bought a couch with removable back pillows, they've really been great for building forts and piling up for belly flopping.  Oh, and cuddling too.
It's also created some sweet moments between brothers, though on occasion the older of the two is too eager for the baby to be able to wrestle.  Gentle there!
 On another soft and fluffy note, who would have guessed that Jude dislikes feathers?
I thought he might enjoy a little tickle under the chin, but he was having none of that.  I was unable to get a shot of his indignant expression when dusted with the feather, but trust me, he did not like that sensation.  I guess there ARE things this laid-back baby doesn't tolerate.  Note to self: get rid of fancy feather boa collection.


  1. Pillows are fun, aren't they? We kept our old couch cushions for that reason. Charlie builds houses with them, wrestles with them, or just lounges on them along with our throw pillows.

    Strange he doesn't like the feather. LOL I could only imagine his expression!

  2. Your Jude is quite the interesting little man, isn't he? Who would have thought he was not a feather kinda guy? LOL

    What fun pictures ^.^


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