June 7, 2023

Jude at Eleven Months

We're just one month shy of that big birthday for our baby.  It blows my mind, of course, just like it does every month with these updates.
At eleven months, Jude is quite happy and comfortable exploring his surroundings.  He pulls up on everything, climbs over pillows and resting bodies (um, mine when I'm sprawled out on the floor), and slowly walks when holding onto furniture or our hands.
Another big development this month is his ability to put sounds and objects together, and respond to words.  When he sees our cat, Oscar, he will reach for him and say "dat" repeatedly, and only when he sees the cat.  I'm not sure if this qualifies as his first word, but I definitely know he's assigning a sound to an object.
He also responds when I ask "Nurse?" my cue for breastfeeding him.  He'll either say "na" or he'll put his thumb in his mouth and rub his ear (another soothing mechanism).

Speaking of rubbing his ear, it's so cute to watch him do that, especially that I used to do the same thing as a baby and child, suck my thumb and rub my ear.  Who would have thought that such traits were hereditary?
(I need to insert a photo of him doing this here, once I get a chance to take one)
Jude is still a great eater, having just discovered (and loved) both corn-off-the-cob and falafel with tzatziki sauce this week.  Ah, my international baby of mystery.

Now starts the process of weaning (I still nurse him frequently throughout the day, though not during the nights and haven't for months now).  My goal is to be done by August, but we'll see what happens. I'd like to be finished by my trip to the BlogHer conference early that month (definitely not going to be pumping there).  But since I'm only going in to New York on that Friday, I'm not too concerned if I'm still nursing him. 

I've been having trouble getting Jude to take a sippy cup, or even a straw.  He just plays with them the way he did with a bottle.  While nursing exclusively was very convenient (not having to wash or prepare bottles, or ugh, pump), it's been challenging to get Jude to drink from something other than me.  But I'll keep trying; somehow, some way he'll get it.


  1. I hope you have better luck than I've had. I've come to the conclusion that we've been weaning too fast and I'm nursing more often again.

  2. My how they grow! Keith and I keep looking at Colter and saying, "It can't be almost a year already, can it?" C is leaving me in the dust, content to nurse just once in the evening and use a Nuby cup all day. It's bittersweet...I won't really miss breast feeding but I'll miss him being little!

  3. What a big boy he's grown up to be! I can't believe it's been 11 months already-This year is just going by so fast O.O


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