June 14, 2023

NoseFrida: The Snotsucker

I think this is the only time in my history of motherhood that I've been awaiting my baby to have a cold--and the wait is over.  I haven't lost my mind (despite yesterday's post) but I have wanted to test out the highly-touted NoseFrida, a gadget that helps extract snot from a baby who is yet to be tissue-trained.
And wow, does it work well!  Jude of course hates it, but then again when I get close even with a bulb aspirator, he starts turning his head all the way around like Regan in The Exorcist.

Maybe some people would get the jeebies over something like this (you use your mouth to safely suck out the snot, and there's a disposable filter in the device so you don't inhale it yourself), but if you're a parent, what kind of gross stuff haven't you personally witnessed and waded into?
Though it takes some practice to use, the NoseFrida is extremely efficient at extracting the snot that makes it difficult for your baby to breathe, eat, thumb-suck, and basically function.  Getting the hang of holding a wriggling baby, sticking the end just inside his nose, then holding the other end while sucking it out can be a challenge, but it gets out so much more snot than a bulb aspirator.

I highly recommend this, as do quite a few other parents (yes, you Shana and Ms. Christina Applegate).  It's not too pricey and can be found online and at big-box retailers.

One other interesting device the FridaBaby folks sell is called The Windi.
I was sent one, but since Jude does not suffer from gas, I have not tried it out.  Apparently, you insert it, well, into the other end to alleviate gas from an infant.  Knowing the heartache of watching your baby writhe in pain from gas, I would have been willing to try anything for relief.  Would you try it?
Disclosure: I received a sample NoseFrida for review purposes.  All opinions are mine mine mine.


  1. The packaging is so awesome! Not to gross you out too much but my mom used to suck the snot out of the kids' noses sans crazy tube. Shudder.

  2. Hi Kathleen, I used one of these for the first time recently and they are great! I highly recommend them!

  3. Thank you for mentioning me and Christina Applegate in the same breath. I've been using my Nose Frida daily with both kids. Liliana will be in college and I'll be sucking her snot, I swear.

  4. Do you have a referral link I could use to buy it? I want you to get the cred if possible since you are the one that convinced me I should get this :)


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