June 24, 2023

Walls and Water

Despite being buried in laundry, pillows and cushions from the busted-up couch, and an empty fridge to attend to, we're lazily enjoying the post-vacation weekend.  Thankfully we now have walls and a new window in the bathroom, which means we're pretty close to having a toilet and sink again, once the tile is down.
Kudos to our contractors for working through the intense heat we had while we were away lounging amongst trees and water.
I could barely stand lying on a couch in the heat, let alone bricking up a window opening and leveling a floor.
The wait will be worth it, even living with a claw foot tub smack in the middle of our bedroom, along with various toiletries strewn about the floor.
We're eager to have the water turned back on soon, especially for those dark nighttime trips to the bathroom downstairs.

In other watery news, we had a great time in the Poconos with our friends.
It's a reminder for us to do more of this kind of thing, even if it can be stressful with young children (or maybe just MY children).
I hope this trip remains firmly lodged in all of our memories.
Come to think of it, I don't believe I snapped any photos of Jude.  I'll definitely be neglecting to add that tidbit in my application essay for the "Mother of the Year" awards.  Hopefully my friends got some of him, as I neglected to bring the camera and relied on the iPhone.

Enjoy the rest of this weekend friends!


  1. We have lots of photos of Jude from the trip. You're going to get Mother of the Year just for being friends with us! ;)

  2. You're getting a claw foot tub!? *jealousy ensues* I've always wanted one of those and hope it'll be in my future :)

    It looks like your bathroom is really shaping up from the last update. Next step: Toilet! Lol

  3. We really need to redo the kids' bathroom. Still. But floating in the water looks MUCH more enjoyable!


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