July 26, 2023

Thoughts on #BlogHer12

In just 1 short week, I along with 4000 other bloggers will converge on the Hilton in New York City for the annual BlogHer conference.  Will you be there?  Please tell me you will!

It's always a mixture of emotions heading to BlogHer. So far it's the only conference I've attended (both in 2009 and 2010), since it's happened to be close by (2 years in NYC, an easy bus ride for me) and affordable.
My roomie Naomi and I in NYC, 2010.  I wish she was going this year!
Me, Carson Kressley, Mom Most Travled and Katja Presnal at the Nikon Night Out party, 2009
Plus it's the biggest and most hyped out of the conferences, almost like a right-of-passage for bloggers to attend.  By now I would have thought it would be the gateway drug for me for attending things like Type A Mom and EVO.  Hasn't happened, yet, but maybe when our childcare situation is a little less touch-and-go as the kids get older.

Anyway, back to the mixed emotions.  I'm a shy person by nature.  I write, I blog, but ask me to talk about stuff in real life, in person, and I trip all over my words.  I get nervous about meeting people and giving them my 1 minute synopsis of Katydid and Kid.  I mean, really, there's nothing special here.  Just me and my random thoughts.

The whole swag frenzy also makes me a little uncomfortable.  Of course I enjoy getting free stuff and trying out new things (you see that on my blog obviously), but the  tweets and buzz about getting invited to secret brand parties makes me a little jealous, I'll admit.  I've only been invited to one party, which I can't attend since it's on Wednesday night.

Anyway, I hate that this stirs up a few middle school emotions--feeling left out, wondering if I'll fit in and make friends--oy!!  But then I get over myself.  This year I'm eager to enjoy the sessions, listen to Voices of the Year (my favorite part of the conference), connect with old and new friends, and really take in all that I can.  I'm hoping to leave inspired, invigorated, and with new insights about blogging and what it is to be a blogger.  That's what I'm most excited about.

Will you be there? Leave me a comment, I'd love to connect with you on Friday (I'm just in town for one day, unfortunately).  What are you looking forward to most?  And, forgive me for being so middle-school, but what parties are you headed to?


  1. Ummm, if I don't get to spend some time with you there, I will be seriously bummed. I adore you!!!! And whatever that your blog isn't something special. It SO is!

  2. I wish I could go. I am new to blogging to trying to figure out my place in the blogging world. I know a conference would be so beneficial but not in the cards for me this year. I'll put it on my wish list for next year! Enjoy! I look forward to hearing all about your experience.

  3. I am going to cry. I think I was with you just out of frame on both of those pictures… wish I was going to be there this year, just to hang out with you again! Miss you, roomie.

  4. First of all, you and your blog are very special! At least in my opinion :)

    Second, I have some of the same emotions myself; all these big brand parties and dinners out-you do get envious. At the same time where some bloggers are ALL about the swag, I just am there for the experience and meeting people.

    I am unfortunately not going to be able to go this year (and yes, I have those left out feelings). It just wasn't meant to be.

    I hope YOU have a fabulous time though! I can't wait to live vicariously through people like you who were able to go ^.^

  5. I'm still hoping to go someday, but this won't be the year. I hope you have a fantastic time. Oh, and your blog IS special.

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