July 27, 2023

Christmas Cookies and the Art of Faking It

You probably have those random parenting moments where, out of the blue, everything falls into place.  Cookies get baked, art gets created, and somehow the house magically cleans itself (ok, let's not go THAT far).
Wednesday was one of those days.  While singing for the kids in my characteristic goofy, giggle-inducing falsetto voice, I started a game of "name that Christmas tune." Which then led to the realization that it was indeed Christmas in July, the 25th of the month.

In the excitement of this realization, I created a quick Pandora channel of kids' Christmas music (which Jude heartily enjoyed, based on his own style of seated dancing), pulled out the crafts box, and asked the kids (the neighbors were here too) if they wanted to make some cookies and crafts.
Believe me, Mom of the Year I am not.  But sometimes a good day just comes together and you go with it.
And of course I (usually) only share the best in this space, composing a picture of a fun life, just for you (and mostly for me) to remember.
Most often my days look like this: sweaty, unwashed, grumpy and in need of someone, anyone to talk to who doesn't need to be prompted and begged to take a potty break every hour.  And in need of a potty break myself, postponed and postponed due to the needs of littler creatures.
You can't tell in this pic, but I'm in need of a shower.
I guess I'm not so much as faking it, because I really don't care what "the neighbors" (including you, gentle reader, are a neighbor in a way) think, but just wanting to highlight the good times, when I'm proud of my creative approach to the day and when the dishes and cleaning and endless laundry fade into the background.  It gets me through the really hard days, remembering these good ones.

What gets you through the bad days? Coffee? Blogging? Wine? A good cry? (yes, yes, sometimes, and yes for me).


  1. Love the honesty. Taking in those good days is important, because while most days deep down have good in them {sometimes so deep down it's hard to see} - some are just really trying and hard. Celebrating those good days is important!

  2. Oh Kathleen, I just showered yesterday after a good 3 week run of no bathing (not purposefully I might add), so I understand!

    Sometimes you do have those good days that just FEEL good and you notice things just fall into place as you put it.

    What gets me through the bad days (and believe me, there are plenty of them these days) is my online world. Blogging, entering contests, chatting with my 'neighbors' helps me forget about the bad.

    I'm glad you were able to enjoy your good day! :)


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