August 15, 2023

Easy DIY Applique Shirts at The Chirping Moms

I love the look of handmade kids' clothes, but frankly, my time is just too stretched to make comfy pants and other stuff for my boys.  I'd love to make some more printed t-shirts for the boys eventually, like the ones for Soren's birthday party.
My friend Julie over at The Chirping Moms has a great tutorial for a DIY applique t-shirt for a boy, and she was sweet enough to send one that she made for Soren.
As you might know from his birthday party, he's fond of robots, so Julie definitely picked out an appropriate fabric for his t-shirt.   The applique is a tie, which is pretty cool and sophisticated, for a t-shirt.
The Chirping Moms are even giving away an applique shirt on their blog for one lucky boy or girl, along with sharing the tutorial.   Head on over to enter.  Good luck!


  1. Okay, that is just too darn adorable!
    And totally perfect for S man :)

  2. I think handmade clothing is cute too. Unfortunately, I don't have the skills for it. She did a good job on the shirt she made for your boy.

  3. That is SO sweet! I love his. I bought some iron-on's for Charlie and baby. Her tutorial makes it look like a DIY I could actually handle ;)


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