August 19, 2023

Mess Fest at The Franklin Institute

Yesterday Soren and I headed to Philadelphia to participate in Mess Fest at the Franklin Institute (last day is today!), and though we stayed surprisingly clean, there were plenty of opportunities to earn a change of clothes.
Above you see the staff creating the enormous "bubble monster" explosion using liquid nitrogen and liquid soap.  Fun stuff!

Soren had fun experimenting with bubbles too, in the make-and-take section of the event.
and creating a "bubble snake", a line of tiny connecting bubbles from a straw
His favorite part was watching his bottle rocket (an alka seltzer tablet activated with water in a closed film canister).
But he might also say that his other favorite part was when they dropped the birthday cake on that guy from 42 feet above (or should I say Sir Isaac Newton dropped it?)
They also dropped, slime, jello and a watermelon (not on that poor chap's head, though).

We had a wonderful time exploring science at the Franklin Institute during Mess Fest.
If you're in the Philly area today, head on out to the Parkway and have some sloppy fun!
Disclosure: I received complementary admission to the Franklin Institute.


  1. Oh man, I can see that being a HUGE success with the kids; mess + children = Success! Lol

    Heck, I would have loved that myself :)


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