August 2, 2023

You Say Potato, We Say #Fail

Oh, we tried.  But our potato experiment of 2012 ended not with fluffy, mashed spuds, but in a pile of potato-less mashed dirt.
As I dramatically deleted this bookmark--the impetus of it all (take THAT delete key!)-- Chris was sadly pulling apart the remnants of our potato bin.
It was a failed experiment.  Maybe we have crappy soil, a poorly-lit yard, or it was too dry early on this summer, then too wet.  Whatever the cause, this is what we'll be snacking on today, the fruit of 9 potato plants.  Or probably more accurately, slightly larger versions of our starter potatoes.
Chris calls the one below the "fetus of a potato."
We noticed the leaves turning brown about a month ago, then not growing much.
While we're not brown thumbs, we certainly aren't gardening experts, despite the proliferation of our tomatoes and basil.
Live and learn, and then make potato canapes.  We might just have enough!


  1. D'oh! I haven't checked our potato box yet {which is pretty much identical to the one you built}. But I fear it will be just as sad. Aside from basil and rosemary, that's all I have growing :/

  2. Even our tomatoes are having a hard time this year. What a tough growing year. I can't even imagine how the farmers feel.

  3. Bummer! I was so excited to see how many potatoes you were able to get from this experiment. Keith and I were even talking about building one next year but maybe not. If it is any consolation, our "traditionally" grown potatoes didn't yield a big crop either this year.

  4. Aw! Well, like you said, live and learn. Everything is a learning experience and while you might not have gotten spuds galore this time around, you learned for next time (if there will be a next time) ^.^

  5. Did I tell you that we didn't even bother planting a garden this year? After last year's ruinous drought, we were gunshy. And it's been over 100º for a while now, with no rain in sight. I understand the dustbowl now.

  6. My potatoes died too...not even a bud..


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