September 20, 2023

Last Splash

I'm lucky to have two water bugs living with me, who, unlike their father, will migrate to water like kids to candy. 
Though we're beyond swimming weather here in the Northeast, the boys are still enjoying finding puddles and water collected from a rainstorm to play in .
The delight that these two have with water is worth running back inside to grab the camera.
And worth peeling off cold, wet clothes from shivering bodies.
Hope you're having some outdoor fun where you are!


  1. What happy, handsome boys! C's reaction to water (if he could talk) is something along the lines of "What did I do to deserve this?" I'm hoping he'll enjoy it more next summer!

  2. Despite my mild grexing, I was so happy the kids got to play in the mud at your house today. I so wish we had a yard so that my kids had more opportunities to do that. And Lili went on an on about how much fun she had on the way home. Thank you.

  3. Okay, that face at the last picture had me in hysterical giggles! Those are all fabulous pictures of Jude in one of his natural elements-Just look at that pure joy on his face! ^.^


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