October 12, 2023

Spooky Nesting with PartyLite

Fall is a time of bringing our bodies and our thoughts inside, so naturally I want to make our indoor living spaces cozy and festive for the season.
Soren and I spent some time making decorations and pulling out the ones from the attic.  It was a nice way to spend an afternoon with my preschooler.

He absolutely LOVES Halloween (and asks when it's coming all year long) so he enjoyed cutting out paper jack-o-lanterns for the windows (I'm not so good at taking full window shots that aren't washed out, so no sadly I have no pics of them).  I had fun cutting out some construction paper masks to put on our family portrait.
We've added pumpkins
and Indian corn
and general Halloween decor.
Our favorite decorations are ones that bring light into the darkening evenings, and we've recently added a creepy-cool Spooky Eyes Hurricane candle from PartyLite.
It is such a whimsical design, with glowing eyes flickering from the three tea light candles that fit inside on the tea light tree, which is sold separately.  You could also put a pillar candle inside the hurricane.
I was sent a set of lime green and purple tea lights, Hocus Pocus and Abracadabra scents, which have a mysterious and woodsy scent.
I'm eager to display the Spooky Eyes Hurricane throughout the month and most especially on Halloween.  I'm sure the trick-or-treaters will get a scare out of it.  It will definitely be a decoration that we look forward to putting out in years to come.
During October, PartyLite is giving away candles and gift certificates to their Facebook fans in their Glow for a Cause promotion that raises funds for the American Cancer Society.

All you have to do is watch the GloLite by PartyLite® Love at First Light video on their Facebook page and sign up below the video.  Plus, if you get 3 friends to watch the video and sign up, you'll have a chance to win a secret prize valued at $100

PartyLite has so many other seasonal accents, candles and other items to enjoy these upcoming months of nesting and entertaining.  You can even host your own PartyLite party.  Details are on the website.
Disclosure: I received a Spooky Eyes Hurricane, tea light tree and tea lights to facilitate this review.


  1. I love PartyLite everything. Seriously love!

  2. Oh, how I love your construction paper masks on the family portrait! spoooooky!

    I've never heard of PartyLite. Going to have to check it out.

  3. I'm with S on this one-I LOVE Halloween and can't wait for it to come each year! Decorating is definitely part of that love, too ^.^

    You guys did such cute things with your decorations!


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