November 14, 2023

Cue the Flash

There's probably nothing as frustrating as trying to conduct a living room photo shoot for the yearly Christmas card.
Between getting the outfits on, setting up the camera and light reflector, I wonder if ever there was a parent who was able to get a good photo in no less than 500 shots.
The expressions often crack me up, like Soren's above, so I'm apt not to delete it.  But do I really need all these photos cluttering my hard drive?

Some of them really are worth it though.  This one was completely unprompted.  Too bad it wasn't great, compositionally.  And I had to use the dreaded flash. 
Despite the trauma we went through last month, I'm finally ready to get back to feeling normal again, thus the return to pushing myself to get stuff done that I enjoy. I love looking back on our Christmas cards (I always keep one or two for myself) and remembering that time of year with my kids.

The "good" shot that I finally did get really isn't that great (I'll post it at another time), but the memory of two young boys who really love each other, sitting together on a couch is one that will linger with me.
At least they're both here, I tell myself.  And that's all that matters.

Any plans for Christmas cards this year? I thought I could rely on one from our time at the beach this summer, but there weren't any good ones of both boys or all of us.


  1. I love those! It's so great seeing them interacting and SoJo looks so happy and healthy… what a relief.

  2. It's so great to see them together, looking healthy! :)

  3. I love funny pictures for Christmas cards--Soren's face in a few of those is priceless!

  4. You know, I almost prefer funny pictures for cards than nice looking ones just because they're a heck of a lot more memorable. LOL

    You're boys are just too darling :)

  5. I'm still hoping for snow to do a photo in our yard with the mountains in the background. But...we were in the Canadian Rockies a couple weeks ago and had a light snow, so I hustled my sweet husband and grandson out to the lake and we did some frosty Christmas photos just in case!

  6. That second pic made me chuckle and the others made me smille. I used to do photo cards but with the kids getting older, it seems I can't get all six of them together at once to do it.


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