November 30, 2023

Welcoming December

We're gearing up for a warmer weekend here in the Northeast, but I'll certainly miss this white playground outside our door.
Our first barely-there snow, which fell earlier this week, has been keeping a certain boy and company quite busy.
It's so good to see him back to himself again.  Only a few visible marks remain on his skin to remind us of his hospitalization.  They're also reminders of how thankful I am that he is healthy and home.  I know this season will be a special one, since the spirit of gratitude continues to fill me up each day.  It inspires me to give more of myself to others, even if it's just a smile to an old man walking down the street.  After all, he was a child once too. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend!  We'll be ushering in December with a 1st birthday party for "Double Trouble" (aka my twin niece and nephew), reading some Christmas books and enjoying other seasonal activities.  Cookies just might be in our future again.
Someone can hardly wait!


  1. Firstly, is that shovel in Mr. S's hand poised and ready to knock that poor snowman's block off?! LOL

    Secondly, what a beautiful post :)

    Thirdly, you gonna share those cookies?! Hehe!

  2. I hate that you all had to go through SoJo's horrible illness but what a great takeaway, especially during the holidays. It does serve to remind us how precious our kids are, even when they are entirely too exasperating… ahem.

    I can't believe all the snow! Especially since it's supposed to climb up to 70º today. Crazy weather.


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