December 5, 2023

Evoke Holiday Memories with Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

My love of coffee goes deep, so much so that my husband often remarks about changing my blog name to Katydid and Coffee.  Staying at home full time as a parent is challenging, to say the least, and it's the little rewards like wearing comfy clothes and drinking coffee that keep me sane.

During the holidays, coffee plays an even more important role in keeping up my spirits.  With the shorter daylight hours and the cold, nothing perks me up like a cup of coffee.  And of course, whenever friends stop in, I immediately ask if they'd like to share a cup of coffee with me.  I have fond memories of the times spent with my friends over seemingly-endless mugs of hot coffee.

I get excited when Dunkin' Donuts releases their fall and winter blends (and I get a little sad when these limited-edition flavors go away).  These holiday coffees are perfect for drinking straight-up as well as crafting into special holiday drinks.
Add some whipped cream to the top of a cup of drip coffee and you have a fancy drink worthy of sharing with your best mom friends while the kids tear apart the house.  (There's always time to clean up, but not always time to spend talking and reminiscing with friends).

I like how easy it is to just pick up a bag in the grocery store, which is convenient since our nearest DD is miles away.  The Dunkin' Donuts holiday coffees even come with gift tags to use as stocking stuffers or hostess gifts.  I'd definitely get excited receiving deliciousness like that, more so than those usual go-to gifts of stationary or gloves.
Enjoying a cup of the Gingerbread Cookie coffee awakens the senses and evokes memories of Christmases past, spent in the kitchens of family and friends with yummy holiday goodies baking in the oven or spread across the table.  Won't you try a cup and open up that door for yourself?
Disclosure: Thank you to Dunkin’ Donuts® packaged coffee at grocery for being a sponsor. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Those sound delicious! I also loooooove the retro Dunkin' Donuts logo and colors. I tend to prefer a darker roast, though.


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