February 8, 2024

C'est le Weekend!

Looks like we'll be cozying up inside this weekend with a blanket of pretty snow on the ground to admire by morning.
I'm sure there will be some popcorn, movies and outdoor fun.  How about you?

Here are some interesting things I've come across online this week:
  • A recipe for Dark and Stormys, something my friend Amy turned us on to. Have you ever had one?  I love me some ginger beer.
  • Hilarious product reviews of Amazon products
  • Celebrating Candlemas
  • Turn a plain cardboard box into this
  • Is parenting your DIY project?  I'd say yes, for me.
Happy weekend friends!


  1. My parents are taking the kids to the opera tomorrow. Should be amusing!

  2. I can't imagine being on the East coast this weekend with all the snow you guys are foretasted to get o.O Although I bet the kiddies will be happy when they get to go play in it!

    Stay safe and warm!


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