March 13, 2024

Growing, Changing

In a world where each day seems to last for years, I see time slipping away as winter melts into spring again and my baby is not so babyish anymore.
Oddly, when Soren was 20 months old he still seemed so little to me. First time around, I suppose.
Soren at 20 Months Old
But Jabbertalker here seems so much more aware of things than I remember from Soren at that age.
He can sing entire lines of songs (in his own way, of course) and even says "I Lee Lou" (I Love You).  He's different in terms of his ability to focus on details and finer tasks, unlike his brother who was (and still is) a dynamo of grander physical energy.
Soren at 20 months.  That crayon was most likely broken within seconds of taking that photo.  And wow, do I ever miss that toddler.
Along with the boys, I notice myself changing and growing, maybe not in the best of ways.  I sometimes feel angrier and more resentful at having so little time to pursue my interests.  My sewing machine hasn't been touched in months, and there are so many home projects that have fallen by the wayside.  I know, boo hoo, that's what I signed on for when I became a parent.  But I do believe that a happier family is one where the adults have some non-parenting time too.  It's hard when extended family is not close by and are occupied with other responsibilities and pursuits. 

In other growing news, we finally got the raised beds in, which we've been dreaming about for years.
We're trying the square foot gardening method this year, which hopefully yields a tidier and more productive crop.  Last year's garden yielded a lot of greens (it was an early planting after a mild winter) but was quite unkempt and hard to tend, especially when mowing the grass.
I'm eager to get out there and finish the job, adding some organic supplements to the soil and then planing peas and spinach.  Let's hope we're on track for some warmer weather here in the Northeast.  I'm sure tired of being cooped up inside.  May your day be fair and sunny!


  1. I remember when JDaniel was this age too. Time passes too quickly.

  2. So great to see pictures of them at the same ages next to each other. (I loved that hedgehog sweater!) Isn't it crazy how similar AND how different they can be, at the same time? Both such handsome boys, with a light in their eyes.

  3. I feel like Jaxon is much more mature, doing his own thing like he's been here before, lol. Greg and I are constantly going, "Was Jayden this vocal, did Jayden smile and laugh this much?" Little bro also gets a head start since he has big bro to look up to.

    We're doing raised beds on casters this year so we can easily move them around if need be + they're neater than our rubbermaid bins, lol.

  4. Life sure is about growing and changing

    cheers Marie


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