March 20, 2023

Inside, Outside, Surprise Inside Chalk from Rose Arts {You Can Win $200!}

'Tis the season for sidewalk chalk, well, here in the Northeast we're sooooo close (yep, we had snow yesterday, ugh).  Cold weather hasn't stopped us from trying out Rose Art's Surprise Inside Chalk.
Who could resist coloring a sidewalk with chalk that smiles at you?

We were sent some samples of Rose Art's new chalk, which has the added bonus of having a tiny toy inside the largest piece.  There are a few varieties to choose from, like sea life, monsters, skulls, and flowers.
The chalk itself is vibrant, like most chalk, and fills in our craggly sidewalk nicely.  And we do have a lot of sidewalk, living on a corner in town.  Here is my son working on his "pizza"
He's taken "eating the rainbow" quite literally.  My guess is that he was influenced by the triangle-shaped chalk pieces.
I worked on a floral mandala.
The chalk works great indoors too, as evidenced by the creative scrawlings on our chalkboard wall.
But what makes this chalk stand out most are the hidden toys inside the largest piece.
For some spirited children, like my son, the knowledge that there's something hidden inside might make them obsessed with prying it out.  For us, that meant grinding the chalk into a big red streak on our wall.  Not a big deal, especially outdoors.  It certainly got some energy out of him.
It's ensconced in a plastic cube, just so it doesn't get worn away when using the chalk.
In the above photo, it's a tiny red watering can.  Our other one was a fish.

It's a cute idea, and at around $3 a package, they would make a nice non-sugary addition to the kids' Easter baskets or an inexpensive party favor.  You can purchase the new Surprise Inside Chalk at retailers like Target, Walmart and KMart.


One of my readers has an awesome chance to win a $200 Visa Gift card!  This contest requires a bit of work and is different than most giveaways here.

Purchase a set of sidewalk chalk, create an imaginative outdoor artwork with the chalk and email photos to me at katydidandkid AT gmail DOT com no later than April 8, 2013.

I'll forward the best ones to Rose Arts, who will judge the entries from Katydid and Kid as well as other participating blogs.  Good luck!
Disclosure: I received samples of Surprise Inside Chalk from Rose Arts for review.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Oh that's a fun contest! Charlie actually needs new chalk...she left hers out in the rain and used them one last time and they turned into a weird paste. LOL Maybe I'll have her try these out. You know, if we have one sunny day between now and then ;)

  2. How cool! We love sidewalk chalk and I know both of my kids would be the same, digging the prize out. We actually have been decorating the smoker with chalk masterpieces- I'll have to take a picture next time.


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