April 26, 2023

The Great Outdoors

I can't stress the title enough--it's been such a relief to hang out in the great outdoors, well, if you can call our 1/16th acre yard "great".
After an extremely long winter and chilly spring (the high today is only in the low 60s), we've been soaking up as much time as we can out in the sun.  Our garden is mostly planted, and I've been peeking every day at the pea and lettuce sprouts poking through the ground.  And my zinnias are doing well indoors, and will probably make the trek out this weekend.
We finally built and planted the raised beds this year, and are trying out the square foot gardening method. hoping to maximize what we can grow in our teacup of a yard.
I'm hoping my prayer flags bring good luck and abundance to the garden, especially the cucumbers, which never do well (darned beetles, but then again, they have to eat too--so Buddhist of me).
The chives are doing remarkably well, as usual this time of year.  They're starting to show signs of blooming.
Oddly, everything seems to be blooming all at once this spring in PA.  Even my forsythia, which usually blooms in March, still has blossoms on it, and my lilacs are getting ready to open.

Lest I forget about the kids, our yard has turned back into an outdoor playspace.
Thankfully the boys and their friends have not yet gotten their hands in the garden.  This broken pirate ship (an alley find) has kept them interested in the sand table.  Shipwreck!

For now, my shoulders relax and we breathe in the fresh air when we venture to our little piece of the great outdoors.  Come on 'round the back door for a cup of coffee or tea if you're in town.
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Your plants look so healthy! The cabbage I set out seems a bit shocked to be outdoors and looks a little limp. Stop by with the boys anytime...we are usually here. Or we might just pop in on you one of these nice days!

  2. Your raised beds look great! We haven't planted anything yet- our weather keeps waffling between winter and spring and the buds have already been frozen a couple of times. Hopefully we'll get to start the garden soon!

  3. I'm sending lots of love and light to your garden and its inhabitants ^.^ I think growing your own food is a wonderful thing and hope you get plenty of yummy eats from it!

    Couldn't agree with you about the warmer weather and being in the great outdoors more! I'm actually hoping it gets warmer here so I can take my yoga practice outdoors :)

  4. Your garden is looking great!! Can't wait to see your harvest :) Warmer weather is just what I needed this week. We've been basking like lizards - felt wonderful :)

  5. I am amazed at your little garden. I love it! Today, I'm hoping to get out back to do some prepping. I didn't even think to start flowers indoors. I've been so focused on the edibles. I love zinnias, but they attract asian beetles O_O. Gonna stick to sunflowers, hehe.

  6. One of my goals this year is to start planting things and hope they grow =). You may need to give me some tips...lol!


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