April 11, 2023

Through Fire and Water

Finally! A week spent outdoors, without coats, shoes, mittens or hats.  And in water!
It's amazing how a few days of sunshine and 70+ degree temperatures can change a mood, particularly one of frustration and mental exhaustion that has plagued me all winter.  Add to that the blazing tempers (both mine and the boys') that rise up often in the indoor months and you have the fire part of this post's title.
This one above may just have the worst temper, not in its girth, but in its unpredictability and randomness. Here's our one-act play:

Jude: "Milk!"  (or "Muk" as he calls it)
Me: Hands him the milk in a sippy cup. 
Jude: "Nooooooo!!" while rolling on the floor, throwing a full and heavy sippy cup at me.

Anyway, back to the story.  Open windows motivate me to clean, wash the bedding, purge old toys and household items, and begin the seasonal clothing changeover.  And of course bathe the kids more regularly before bed, thanks to Mother Nature's playthings.
We've been knee-deep in water, literally, which pleases the boys very much.
They were so absorbed in activity that I was actually able to pull out the camera for some pictures, a rarity as of late.

These days spent outdoors have exhausted us in a different way, more physically than emotionally as does in winter.  Hopefully we've turned a corner here with our family dynamic.

On a non-related note, I'm 4 weeks into the 6 week figure drawing class I signed up for.
While it's not really a class (it's more of a live model drawing opportunity), I'm pleased that I'm knocking some of the rust off my drawing skills.  Plus it's been fun getting out of the house one evening a week and doing something wholly self-indulgent.  No shopping for food, kids' clothes, or doing some other errand for others.  Plus the coordinator of the even provides free decaf coffee from the coffeeshop next door.

How's life in your part of the world?  Any activities you're spending your free time doing?


  1. Wow! Sounds like everyone's creativity is getting a major boost. Your sketching skills are amazing!

  2. Okay, first of all... you have mad skills.

    Secondly, send some of that weather my way!! Charlie has been sick {first with croup now a cold/cough for a week now} and now James is.

    I am much more motivated to clean house when the sun is out. Windows open, music cranked - cleaning happily like a fool.

  3. It's so good to hear that you're at least having weather that gets you and the boys outdoors! It's still pretty chilly and oh-so rainy here o.O

    And I totally agree with Erin-Mad skills! I wish I could draw half as good as you!

    I actually just went back to my first pole fitness class today and I'm more than excited to be back ^.^ That coupled with a lot of friends, family, and business, my days are pretty full lately!

  4. I love that you're taking a drawing class. That must be novel...

    I also am totally smitten with Jude's long hair. He's getting so big now!


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