May 7, 2023

A Monthly Art Excursion with Wummelbox

Have you noticed the fun trend of monthly arts and crafts subscriptions for children?  I'm quite jealous that I didn't come up with it, but at the same time I'm happy that these delivered-to-your-door boxes incite creative and imaginative activities for families to engage in.  And it's extra exciting when your child receives a package in the mail filled with actitivies geared just toward him or her.

Wummelbox is the newest one on my radar, and its European-designed, eco-friendly, activities include high-quality materials and everything you need to complete 3-4 projects a month.  The kits are geared towards children ages 3-8.
A Wummelbox arrived on our doorstep recently, filled with activities surrounding the theme of time travel, specifically to The Stone Age.
Soren and I dug in, first reading the story about Wummel and his friend Hedgie (a hedgehog) traveling back to the stone age.  We then tore into the Time Machine project to make our own and get started on traveling to the stone age.
He painted the wooden parts to the machine, then screwed the knobs into place himself (which sparked a great feeling of accomplishment for him).
We added the accompanying stickers, and were pleased at how our time machine came out, ready for imaginative play.
There were a few more activities in the kit, including one to design our own cave painting on cloth.  The project included foam shapes that we stuck to wooden discs, to be used to stamp the cloth.
We'll hang the cloth up in the next cave/fort we make, using velcro tabs provided with the kit.

We also assembled and played a hunting and gathering game using felt animal footprints, which was enjoyed by Soren and his friends.  That activity required more of my assistance in tracing and cutting out animal footprints from felt.
The instructions for the Wummelbox activities are not only very easy to follow, but they're smartly designed too.  I like the whimsical imagery and colors, which appeals to both children and adults.
Overall, the Wummelbox is a wonderful treat for kids and their adult friends to enjoy.  At $35.95, it's a little pricey, however the quality and variety of materials and activities included in the box are well worth it.  Plus the activities can be used over and over again (the time machine will be a nice addition to our dress up/imagination box).

A monthly subscription would make a great gift for families wanting to engage in imaginative and unique experiences with their kids.
Disclosure: I received a sample Wummelbox for review through Child's Play Communications.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. These look supercool. I'm might have to indulge since I'm going to be found sorely lacking in my school's art department!


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