April 15, 2023

Weekend Musings

It's finally that time of year when the outdoors is looking especially pretty spectacular again--hyacinths, budding trees, longer days, you get the idea.
There are also lots of springtime events going on, like egg hunts, Easter festivities at the local Pennsylvania German Heritage Farm, and even a train ride with The Bunny that we might make it to over the weekend. Plus we're making headway on our vegetable garden, so that may need some tending too.

Despite being pretty tired lately, due to my doctor finding that my iron levels are depressingly low (I'm remedying it with supplements, thankfully), I really want to try to make some springtime crafts.  I'm thinking maybe some more coffee filter flowers, like the ones we made last year, which are always an easy project
or embroidering a companion piece to last year's springtime radish
or trying something new like this cute wreath from A Vision to Remember.
I keep thinking that this is what we must do with all those plastic eggs we acquire someway, somehow!

Naturally there's always cleaning, child-minding, and other stuff to do like working on the quilt, knitting a baby sweater, felting a mobile for the nursery, and getting around to finishing the baby pants that I started this week, using one of The Mister's old shirts.
So much to do, so little time, and so darned tired!  What's up for your weekend, friends? Hope you have a lovely one.


  1. I'm tuckered just reading this! I love that radish :) How's the quilt coming along?

    This weekend we're relaxing. After a week of prepping for Passover, I'm beat. LOL

  2. Thanks for including my easter egg wreath I love all those ideas!

  3. I hope you'll show us photos of the baby pants and sweater so we can admire your work! :D

  4. Man, look at you all gung-ho! As if pregnancy and homemaking isn't enough for you ;)

    Those are some great projects! I can't wait to see the outcome of some of them if you do them :)

    I especially love the embroidered radish!

  5. Oh no, I'm distressed about your iron! Can you eat more spinach and raisins (not together?).

  6. I hope you find time to rest with all you have going on.

  7. That egg wreath is such a great idea!

  8. Yay--More beautiful flowers! :D I bet those baby pants come out super charming, and I also love that embroidered radish. Here's to finding the energy to complete some WIPs. If I send you some, will you send some back? ;)

  9. I love that wreath and the randomness of the way the eggs are attached. I made an egg wreath a couple of years ago but it's very orderly, I don't know if I could pull off the other kind. I can be kinda type A about things! We're having company over tomorrow and I spent the day making hybrid printable baskets, name banners for chairs, candy wraps, and putting together egg hunt supplies. I think it's going to rain, but even without being able to explore outdoors I think everyone will have a great time. Plus I got a gorgeous fruit tart from Whole Foods, kinda splurge but I couldn't make anything half as impressive.


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