May 4, 2023

Baby Month: Packing a Hospital Bag

With the birth of my son 3 years ago, I was eagerly over-prepared and over-packed for my stay in the hospital. Looking back on it, I feel bad for my poor husband, who shlepped not only the unnecessary things that I packed along for labor (like a small CD player that was never used!), but all the floral arrangements, gifts, hospital swag and, well, a 9lb 5oz baby too!

This time around, I'm definitely taking the minimalist route.  I'm tempted to just show up with my insurance card, purse, and a pair of slippers.  Really, what else is needed? :)

Here's what I'll most likely be bringing. I'm making this list a lot for myself too, just so I can go back to my blog to refer to it once I'm closer to my due date.

  • Insurance cards, hospital paperwork
  • Purse (already contains my wallet, hairbands, phone, paper/pen, lip balm, etc.)
  • Slippers
  • Glasses
  • Lightweight robe
  • Nightgown
  • Loose-fitting clothes/sandals to wear home
  • Nursing bra/pads
  • Toiletry items (toothbrush, contact lens solution, etc.)
  • Phone charger
  • Camera/ Flip video camera
  • Onesie/ baby pants
  • Outfit for photos
  • Lightweight swaddle blanket
  • Car seat
Am I missing anything? I'm sure I'll add or subtract to this list once I think about it some more.  And Chris will most likely be coming home at night so he can always bring things I forgot, plus get showered and changed there.  What is the best item that you brought along with you when you went into labor?


  1. I loved having nice, warm socks for the labor and my own pillow for recovery.

  2. I can relate. We followed the advice of our natural labor books, and brought what seemed like three suitcases worth of stuff, also including a CD player we never used! This time I want to bring good smelling lotion, toothpaste & toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner (just in case), one going home outfit for me, maybe a summery robe/nightgown, slippers, glasses case, camera & batteries, cellphone, a muslin baby blanket, and one going home outfit for the baby. It's a kind of long list, but I'm sure it will all fit in one duffel bag. I found the frumpy hospital socks and robes and disposable undies and much more comfortable than anything I had to bring, and I didn't need any music or essential oils for labor.

  3. Thanks for the list...the list of stuff they give you to bring is SO overwhelming! I'll be using yours to go off of instead :)

  4. I added some hard candy (I remember being SO thirsty last time) and an emery board. My kids nails were so long and no one in the hospital would let me cut them with a nail clipper.

  5. I can remember making a CD to bring with me to the hospital when I had my first one and never listening to it either! My second one came a whole month early. I wasn't even prepared at all. Your list looks good. :)

  6. Definitely bring your own pillow, especially if you'll be spending more than one night in the hospital.

    I would also bring a book to read or a magazine. I found it hard to fall back to sleep with the nurses constantly coming in to check on me/baby...but a few pages of an old familiar book (I brought one that I've read eleventy seven times) was enough to lull me back to sleep.

  7. I brought my own pillow (must have!). I also brought my knitting to distract me. :)

  8. Extra batteries for the camera. And i never go anywhere without a book.

  9. I think the first time around you had an excuse-It WAS your first baby and first time doing everything including the packing. Lol

    This time around, I'm sure you've learned from the first time and have everything set :)


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