May 5, 2023

The Beauty of Bunny Chalk

With the aid of some Easter bunny chalk, Chris made this over the weekend.
It's a lesson in impermanence, in that, like sand mandala artwork, will be washed away by wind, feet and rain.
Soren really got into it, and I'm always pleased when he sees his Dada and I making arts and crafts; I think it sets a great example for the value of art in our home.
In case you're wondering, Chris actually went to art school prior to working in Info Tech.  He's slowly been trying to come to terms with his creativity again, and trying to let go of his desire for perfection.  Perhaps this impermanent sort of art is freeing, in that there's no pressure to be perfect because it will wash away.

What kinds of arts to you practice in front of your children?


  1. holy cow! that's an awesome drawing! I wish I had maybe a 100th of his talent...he's really gifted!

  2. That is so cool!

    Um, as for the kind of art I do...does pictionary count? LOL!

    I am not artistic. at all. =)

  3. That is absolutely incredible! I love the way he drew something so complex with something so simple as chalk :)

    I have issues with trying to be perfect, too, (in EVERYTHING) so maybe I should try this new art form.

  4. Stunning! He is really talented, and I love what you wrote about showing the value of art in your home!! :-)

  5. It's detailed. He's artistic all right

  6. Wow, he did a good job! Beats any creation I've ever made with sidewalk chalk.


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