September 8, 2023

Back to School Treads from Pediped

In the world of kids' shoes, it's tempting to just pick up the cheapest stuff from a big box store, especially since kids outgrow shoes in a matter of days, it seems.  However, I'm a believer in buying good quality kicks for my son, especially since he seems a bit flat-footed and can use all the support he can get.
Soren in his Pediped Adrian shoes, 2010
We're on our second pair of Pediped shoes here, and I'm always impressed with the quality, support, and style of their shoes.  Plus the soles are really flexible, unlike some other brands I've come across.
We received a pair of Jimmy shoes from Pediped's Flex line, and they've been comfortable on Soren's feet and perfect for starting Preschool. 
And the soles have the signature Flex name and treads, along with a heel cushion.
They're easy for me to get on and off of him, and with the hook and loop tabs, Soren is on his way to putting on his own shoes, well, kind of.  I love that they're machine washable too!

Pediped shoes are certainly durable, even with as active a child as mine.  The only reason he's not still wearing his first pair of Pedipeds is because his monster feet have since outgrown them.  We look forward to Jude wearing these, since they're still in such great shape.
Pediped has shoes for any kid, no matter what size or style you're into, like Mary Janes, athletic styles, the Adventure Line of rugged outdoor shoes that are water safe and machine washable. 

Pediped has just sent out a casting call looking for the next model for their national campaign.  Head to their website, upload a photo of your cutie, and your child might become the next Pediped star, plus you can win a $750 gift card to the store as well as a trip for two to the photo shoot.  Details here.

You can also keep up with Pediped on Facebook for new collections and special promotions.
Disclosure: I received a pair of Pediped shoes for review purposes.


  1. Those shoes are adorbs! Jay needs new shoes BAD! I'm totally gonna check them out and enter him in the contest!

  2. These shoes are so cute! They look like they would really last. JDaniel is tough on his shoes.


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