September 9, 2023

I Need to Keep Quiet

The thing about parenting is that once you say or write something good about your child, it will come back to bite you.  As soon as you tell someone "my son is sleeping through the night" or "my son is fully potty trained", you're then telling people the opposite.

Those kids sure love to reel you out and cut the string.
It's not funny Jude! :)
Jude was a pretty good sleeper, though the last week or so has been rough.  He naps for like 15 minutes and can't get back to sleep when he awakens.  That's why I'm on a posting marathon here--despite the one-handed typing--because the only place I can get him to sleep during the day is on me, and that is maybe a half an hour at best. And that's when Soren is at school or with his grandparents.
Babywearing works wonders, sometimes getting in a 2 hour nap for him, but I have to be walking or standing, which is tough when trying to play cars, cook meals and wash clothes and dishes.  Whomever said babywearing allows you to carry on with day-to-day life was lying; try hand washing dishes or cutting veggies with your child snuggled in the front of an Ergo or a sling.  

I've tried letting him cry a bit, since I know he's tired, but it hasn't done anything except make us all upset.  And even going in to his room and picking him up doesn't work. He just cries even harder.

Nighttime is usually good, sleeping the first stretch for 5-7 hours, but last night he just wouldn't go back to sleep.  Even after nursing him again.  I'm hoping this is temporary, and that he settles again soon.  Jude is such a riddle, but then again, aren't all babies?

Any advice for promoting good infant sleep patterns?  Soren was a good sleeper, and I think Jude will be eventually.  We have the routine, the dark room, white noise and consistency.  What else?

P.S. I'm hoping that by posting this, he'll prove me wrong here and start sleeping better again.


  1. Oh you poor thing! I'm so sorry that he's been so sleepless lately. :(

    I couldn't do the babywearing thing. I was afraid to do anything because of the big blob in front of me, and I just hated it. I LOVED the backpack thing when they were older though!

  2. While I didn't follow every single step/thing, both my kids were and are great sleepers because of "The Sleepeasy Solution." The two gals who wrote it will also email you back if you send them a question that isn't covered in their book.

    However, Nathan still keeps me up at night even though he is 19 years old. Granted it is from worry now versus crying. :)

    Aren't I a lot of help?

  3. At least he gives you those gorgeous smiles to keep you enamored… Jasper's always been a crummy sleeper, too. Too much to do, I guess! Hopefully it will serve them well later in life.

  4. Oh gosh, I feel your pain. My daughter never slept though...ever. I wish I had some advice for you but I do not. I am impressed that he sleeps 6 hours at a time!

    Hugs will get better :)

  5. Oh, yes. . . I think babies often go through a hard crying phase at around 2 months. Boo! I do hope Jude begins sleeping better. What a draining situation.

    I had to laugh at your description of baby wearing. I love it for when I'm walking around a zoo or nursing in public or giving a public talk and want to keep my child close. It is completely impractical--a pain in the back--when chopping veggies, doing dishes (even in a dishwasher), playing on the floor with your other little guy, as you note, and of course also when you're trying to shower or get dressed. ;)

  6. JDaniel never sleep more than a few hours. I remember feeling tired 24/7. It did get better. It just took a long time.

  7. LOL! Isn't that true--it seems like whenever I tell people my son slept for 9 hours the next night he'll get up 3x! Baby's been having a tough time throughout the night lately...I think he may be teething...

  8. Babywearing is wonderful for sleep. That and the swing are my only tricks and it doesn't sound like those are really working for you guys, so maybe we can diagnose the problem instead?

    Is he maybe teething? My daughter started at two months and her sleep was a bit irregular then. It's been long enough where I don't really remember teething remedies other than the teething tablets.


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