April 9, 2023

mahu Mother and Baby Skin Care

With the chaos that often claims my day as a parent, it's nice to take a few moments to connect with my baby after a bath.  And there's no better way than with massage.  It's helpful for inducing sleep, soothing your baby, and pushing out those gas bubbles in baby's tummy.

I'll admit that I wasn't so good at making time for massage with my first child.  I was tightly wound as a parent to a high-needs infant and for some reason my attempts at it with Soren were not enjoyable for him.  Jude however responds better to massage, at least when the temperature in the room is not too cold (we live in an old house).

Since I exclusively use natural products on both my boys, I was eager to try the baby massage oil and baby moisturizer from mahu, a New Zealand company designed recommended by midwives in that country.
Both products have a light and pleasant smell, and are equally light on the skin.  Unlike some massage oils, the mahu baby massage oil is oddly not oily.

It doesn't linger on your skin hours afterward, like some massage oils I've tried where you just can't seen to get it off your hands.

I also received the mahu Baby Moisturizer, which also yields fantastic results.
I alternate between the massage oil and the moisturizer after baths, using the moisturizer when I don't have the time to devote to a full massage.  The moisturizer still has that pleasant, non-overpowering scent, and is readily absorbed into Jude's skin.  It's safe and effective on the diaper area too.

At nearly twenty American dollars each, the mahu baby massage oil and moisturize are not cheap, but they do contain high-quality, 100% natural ingredients like sunflower oil, aloe vera, and lavender and are free from potentially harmful chemicals such as phthalates, parabens and sulphates.  From experience, a little goes a long way when using these products, so they should last a while, that is if I don't swipe some of it for myself now and then.
Disclosure: I received sample products from mahu for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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  1. You know I love all things New Zealand but, uh, "mahu" is not really the best name from a Hawaiian slang perspective…


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