May 15, 2023

Around the House on a Rainy Day

After weeks and weeks of dry, sunny weather, we're in the midst of a Northeastern slump of rain.  While my garden loves it, I'm not sure the kiddos do.
Days formerly spent outdoors have migrated inside.  The paper, markers, paints and toys have gotten lots of use.  Oddly, this weather is kind of making up for our non-winter.  I think we were outside more days in February than in May.
I do enjoy the great indoors though, and was just admiring the little vignettes strewn about the house.
half of a robin's egg we found in the yard

Mother's Day bouquet and vase created by Soren
Hope you enjoy your day, rainy or otherwise.


  1. Just started reading your blog...and I know what you mean about the Northeastern rain!! Where's the sun?!?! My kids and I both need it for our sanity!

  2. Well at least you are trying to keep the kids busy in the midst of your rain slump! But I hope it doesn't last TOO long because I know how much you guys love being outside :)

  3. Hopefully your rain goes away soon. We've had a good streak of weather oddly enough. While I am enjoying it, I'm also starting to dread summer temperatures already LOL


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