May 15, 2023

A Visit from the Fairy Hobmother

I'm continually surprised and amazed by the perks of being a blogger, the latest of which was a visit from the Fairy Hobmother--who granted me a very generous gift card--to spread goodwill and cheer.

I'm so very grateful to have received this gift, especially that we're gearing up for our bathroom renovation in a few weeks. It will definitely come in handy for fixtures like towel bars, a soap dish, and the like.  Thanks Fairy Hobmother! You're welcome to use our loo anytime. :)

The Fairy Hobmother works for fairy overlords at Appliances Online, but enjoys popping up around the blogosphere to bring a smile to bloggers' faces.  Will you be next?  Leave a comment here and you might just get a visit from The Fairy Hobmother too!


  1. I wish I had my own Fairy Hobmother! That would mean I'm Cinderella (of sorts, right?) =)

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  2. Um-- that is AWESOME!!!

    I was hoping to move again this summer, but it looks like we may be staying put for a while! I would love to get a visit from her to help make the stay a bit more welcome by making my house fell a bit home-ier (I had no idea how to really spell that!)


  3. Ah, a fairy hobmother...could he/she help me with Pinterest projects?

  4. Aww isn't the Fairy Hobmother sweet? :) Good luck with your bathroom renovation!

  5. How awesome is that!? I think I saw another post like this in the past where the Fairy Blogmother made an appearance and I think that's just so neat :)

    Good luck with your bathroom renovation! I can't wait to see it xD

  6. I love the Fairy Hobmother! I am trying to upgrade some of our cookware and could really use a visit from her! :)


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