September 2, 2023

The Wonderful Wonder Box

Summer is winding down and with it are my ideas for keeping my preschooler busy.  After many walks to the creek, construction paper crafts and building block projects, I'm stymied every time I look into our art and activity cabinet at the abyss of paper, glue and markers.
This week, I thanked the creative gods for sending us the Wonder Box.
It may look like an adorably-designed cardboard box, but it's filled with creative activities for curious kids ages 3-6 that are based around a theme, be it science, arts and crafts and more.
Each month, you and your child receive a similar box filled with activities to inspire and keep you busy.  This month the theme is "Once Upon a Time" and the projects came with all the things you'll need to complete them
Soren and I broke open the Story Cape first, the inside lining of which he could personalize with fabric crayons.
He enjoyed flying around the house, wearing the red satin cape with his drawings secreted away on the inside.
S also liked making the felt hand puppet, which came with felt shapes, glue, googley eyes and yarn to transform the pre-made puppet form into whatever your child can imagine. In our case, it was a snake.
The other activities in the Wonder Box included a recipe and book, (the popular Stone Soup story), and story cards which are a fun way to get your child interested in storytelling and creating their own tales.

At around $20 (with free shipping), Wonder Box would make a great gift for kids and the parents who are continually trying to keep them busy. As a former art teacher, I love the concept of educational and creative activities arriving at parents' doors, packaged nicely and with easy-to-follow projects.  It's a wonderful way to make education even more accessible to families.

My son and I loved the Wonder Box and hope to purchase another one soon!
Disclosure: I received a sample Wonder Box for review purposes.

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  1. I think that is so very neat! What a fun set of projects for any kid to do, especially when boredom hits :)

    It looks like you guys really had a good time!


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