September 6, 2023

First Days, Last Days

September has flown in, along with it the first days of school and the first week of tending to my new charge, our neighbors' 10 month old son (hence the lack of posting around here).

Soren had a good first day, despite tears and trepidation about meeting his new teacher.
By morning's end, he was smiling and eager to return (we'll see about that tomorrow).

Jude's also embarked on a "first"--he took his first unassisted steps over the weekend.  Naturally, I didn't get out the camera, but hope to get some pics today.
Despite his lackadaisical approach to walking, this boy climbs and scrambles onto things like a gecko.  We've since had to remove these kiddie chairs and table, since he was using them as springboards for getting places that he shouldn't be.
And with the first days of walking, come the last days of nursing my baby.
Actually, it's been over a week since I've breastfed him.  And like with Soren, it snuck up on me.  One minute I'm nursing before bed and upon waking, then all of a sudden it stops, usually due to a busy day or lack of asking for it from the baby.

I feel both wistful and liberated, as I did with Soren.  I love wearing regular bras and am eager to drop a cup size again. And being less concerned with drinking a glass of wine or too much coffee.  But of course I will miss that closeness and the feelings of nurturing my child; however there is always lots of closeness and nurturing without the breast too.  My bosom is always open for cuddling. :)

I'd like to continue to wax poetic on the subject, but two boys are needing me right now.  Hope your week is having some good beginnings and endings!


  1. Wow, a lot has been going on with your two very handsome, growing boys! I'm sure every breast-feeding mom feels the same way as you did when it comes to and end, but like you said with the end comes some exciting things for you! :)

  2. I love how you photographed SoJo outside and Jude inside at the door- such a cute juxtaposition.

    Jasper still crawls into my bed and wants to cuddle and he's been weaned for over three years. At dinner last night, Bob told the kids that he was going on a fishing trip and would be away for a week and Jasper actually yelled Yay! without hesitating, then qualified it with "now I can sleep in mommy's bed!"

  3. Jude is such a cutie. Hope Soren has a wonderful school year.


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