January 10, 2024

Around the House

I've been in a pretty good frame of mind as of late.  Something about turning over a new calendar has fostered a feeling of freshness and a desire to get things in order.

Being present in daily life with my boys has been easier this past week.  We've been roughhousing and dancing around the house to some catchy tunes, thanks to Matt & Kim and The Beach Boys.
I've been ticking off resolutions left and right, burning lots of candles and perfecting my artisan bread. I'm afraid Chris just might be sick of eating it already.
And I've been immensely enjoying my camera new lens.  It's yielded many beautiful photos in our poorly-lit house.
All the photos in this post are untouched, save for the watermark and resizing.  I like that this lens forces me to compose shots without the ability to zoom in or out, so I have to get off my butt and worm my way into odd places.
Even Chris has taken a liking to it.  We're working through an online photography class together, hoping to learn more about taking good pictures.
And I'm trying my hardest to like photos of myself.  No online class on that though.

One more note from the home front: I finally finished my tiny quilt.
I do need to sew a sleeve for hanging on the back, but am uncertain whether to orient it vertically or horizontally.  When I do decide, I'll take a more complete photo of it.  It's certainly no work of art, all those crooked pieces that often don't join up, but I'm pleased that I actually finished it.  You can quote me here as saying that I will never sew such a small quilt again, at least one with like 1000 tiny pieces like this one.  However, I do enjoy the log cabin design, and can definitely see making a larger one someday.

Hope January is off to a great start for you too friends!  Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow! What amazing pictures. I have a lot of low light and my pictures end up really dark.

  2. Gorgeous quilt, gorgeous bread, gorgeous kids and gorgeous mama!

  3. I can't get over how BIG Jude is getting! I saw that first picture and it nearly knocked me over at how big he is already. Those are seriously some beautiful pictures you and hubby are taking! :)

    I have a plain little point-and-shoot but I LOVE worming myself into odd places to get a good capture.

    Oh, and if Chris is tired of eating your bread, I'd be glad to stand in line ;) Hehe!

    Keep up the great work and upbeat attitude!

  4. You inspired me to attempt a focaccia and it actually turned out quite well! I think Jude looks bigger than when we saw you a couple weeks ago.


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